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Hate Global Warming?

Are you convinced that today's climate is the warmest in human history?

Are you convinced that fossil fuel use by humans is the cause?

Are you convinced that sea levels are about to surge higher and drown billions of people?

Has your opinion been influenced by politicians or "journalists"?

If your answers to the above are "yes", then you have been misinformed and/or disinformed...

Here are a few simple facts that the media, liberal politicians and other elites do not want you to know: 

  1. Today's global atmospheric temperatures are near their coldest levels of not only the last 10,000 years, but of the last 600 million years!  
  2. Earth's climate remains in the deepest and longest-lasting ice age known to have occurred on the planet (about 35 million years in duration). 
  3. Sea levels are near their lowest of the last 200 million years, and declined steadily following the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, Katmai in 1912 and a series of eruptions between the 1960s and 1990s (and you thought sea level was at an all-time high, right?).
  4. Atmospheric CO2 levels are near their lowest of the last 600 million years (sorry, kids...CO2 has nothing to do with climatic warming). 
  5. Earth's volcanic activity is near its highest levels of the last 120 million years (this is the predominant climatic determinant - explosive volcanoes cause cooling, basaltic volcanoes cause warming). 
  6. Human activity indeed has caused climatic warming due to emissions of........chlorine!  (atmospheric chlorine has declined since CFC production stopped in 1993).
  7. Earth's current climate remains to be in the optimal temperature range for human beings.  The problem for us is that the Holocene interglacial period (which began about 11,000 years ago) will almost certainly be followed by another ice age.  That would be a very, very bad development for the human race because the resultant climatic chaos would cause the greatest depopulation in the history of the species (unless we accomplish it preemptively with a nuclear war or atomic accident).  
These are inconvenient truths (right Al Gore?) for those who wish to perpetuate the mythology of carbon-based "climate change" - many in this crowd themselves have very high carbon profiles due to their mansions, vacation homes, SUVs, boats and private jets - yet we are told to conserve fuel, wear sweaters, ride bicycles and live in the dark! 

This is not to suggest that fossil fuel conservation, or development of alternative energy sources should be abandoned - but there is NOTHING alarming about either the temperature or CO2 content of the atmosphere!  CO2 is a trace gas (i.e., 0.04% vol.) and has been as high as 20 times that level in the past when there were no cars, no factories and no people!

The bottom-line is that the climate on the earth's surface is at the mercy of whatever the interior of the planet decides to do.  As long as volcanic activity remains to be very high around the Pacific Ocean, the climate will probably tend to be on the cooler side due to the subduction zones and attendant explosive volcanoes.  However, even a small increase in basaltic volcanism above sea level could lead to much warmer climatology, even over a period of weeks or months.   

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